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Frequently Asked Questions

My company is hiring, how can I post my job to your job boards?

Connect to Work AZ is not a public job listing service, but if you are interested in partnering with Connect to Work AZ, we’re happy to connect. If you have a sustainable hiring need, and you have an intentional commitment to diverse hiring, please contact our team to learn how you can partner with Connect to Work AZ to recruit qualified unemployed and underemployed local talent.

How does Connect to Work AZ find talent for jobs?

We use a variety of recruitment marketing efforts across digital and offline channels to source unemployed and underemployed candidates for jobs. We’re also part of a strong network of community partner organizations sharing resources and expertise to promote job opportunities to local candidates.

Does Connect to Work AZ only operate in certain neighborhoods/locations?

We focus specifically on Arizona residents, which aligns with the job opportunities we recruit for.  At this time all of our opportunities are located in Maricopa County. While some of our employer partners may offer hybrid or remote scheduling options, applicants for our program must be Arizona residents in order to participate.

Does Connect to Work AZ only focus on certain roles or industries?

At this time we offer roles in financial services and healthcare. The majority of our roles are entry or mid-level, with some requiring industry certifications or trainings. We anticipate adding positions in other industries such as manufacturing in the future.

Besides placement services, how else can Connect to Work AZ help business partners?

Our Business Development staff  are excited to have a conversation about how Connect to Work AZ can help your HR, DE&I, and CSR teams reduce barriers to employment through our consulting services and by providing labor market and industry analysis. We also work with companies looking to relocate their operations to  Greater Phoenix to invest in the community and impact the quality of life of their employees.

How does Connect to Work AZ fit in the local workforce system?

Connect to Work AZ is a demand-driven workforce development agency. This means we start with the job, working with employers to identify opportunities available to diverse unemployed and underemployed talent. Aside from our individual recruitment strategies, we also partner with supply-driven organizations that work directly with candidates and refer them to Connect to Work AZ.

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